Who painted my lust red?


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This is a story about Stree Shakti – nothing can stand before its might and power. When an upstart Media Mogul decides to take on the established Indian Cricket Board (ICB) and the newly formed 20-20 league is a huge success, the ICB decides to fight back. It assigns an aggressive industrialist the job of creating a rival Twenty-20 league system that is far, far superior to the 20-20 of the Media Mogul.
To ensure that it would be a success, ICB ropes in the glamour of Bollywood and the glitz of politicians and movie stars to attend the games. Crowds go wild with frenzy, watching their favourite icons in the flesh, waving to them and rising and falling with the fortunes of the team they were rooting for. The after-game parties were over-the-top affairs with plenty of sex and sleaze as no one was spared in the tsunami that followed the games. A group of three smart, young actresses looking to burst out into stardom are raped after being drugged in an after-party game in Dubai. How they plot to take revenge on the perpetrators and ensure that such behaviour would be severely discouraged is the plot of this novel. On top of all this, a few politicians were linked to Dilawar, the mafia don of Mumbai, laying in exile in Dubai who controlled all the hawala agents in India to launder the money of the politicians.
Perennial playboy politicians Maker Funtoosh Wirewala, Mailapore Damodaran, Dalpat Dalvi and Giridhar Gulati are ensnared in elaborate traps laid out from which there is no escape. One of them suffers ignominious bodily harm that he cannot reveal. A few weeks later the above four get notified of what would happen to them if they do not mend their ways. They in turn, decide to use their ministerial clout to depute ace trouble-shooter Karan Dixit to get to the bottom of the affair; to determine who is behind all this.
Will Karan and Priya Menon succeed in their endeavour as they jet across continents in search of a needle buried in a haystack? Is it the work of a man or a woman, or are there multiple people involved? How did the assailants escape Closed Circuit Television scrutiny? Read this engaging book which is the second in the Money Trilogy series.