Who painted my future bright?



After the disastrous incident involving Ricin, Pervez Pasha decided that he needed to use a different method to achieve his objective – that of destroying a power station in the south. An elaborate plan, fine-tuned over several months was about to turn to fruition when ace trouble-shooters Priya Menon and Karan Dixit get involved.

Meanwhile, with the passing of Dipika Sharma, Gulab and his sister’s quarrels come out in the open with the party threatening to split vertically. Enter the suave and sophisticated Supremo, AKA Mahadev Shastri, after spending a few years in the US. A shrewd politician, from the Raja Rao mould, Supremo manages to side-line the Sharmas and takes control of the party, while Maida, Maker, Dalda, and Girgut watch and fume, by pulling off an upset win in a southern state, that gives him the gravitas to stake a claim for the leadership of the Freedom Party.

Next step: UP elections. Will Supremo be able to weave his magic and win this state back, one that Freedom Party more than thirty years ago? Will Maida et. al. sabotage him? What about the Sharma loyalists?

Will the ace duo of Karan-Priya stop the ISI in its tracks? Will Freedom Party’s rebirth under Supremo be enough to test the People Party’s juggernaut? Read Book 3 of the Money series, Who painted my future bright? and find out!


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