Sri Chakra


Precision laser cut Om wood artwork with Gayatri Mantra in two colors (Black, White) and 3 sizes (12-inch, 18-in, and 24-inch).

Dual-layered, made from Baltic Birch or Poplar wood. Laser-cut, sanded, sealed, stained, painted, glued and final finish clear coated.

It takes hours to get the design just right. Each design is laser-cut, then painted and stained (it takes 2 hours at least for this step alone) followed by Glue curing, another couple of hours.

  1. Each piece is hand made and there may be minor variations between sample to sample.
  2. Sizes in inches are rounded up to the next higher number.


Precision laser cut Sri Chakra and 2 sizes (18-in, and 24-inch).