NDTV Frauds V2

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NDTV Frauds V2: The Real Culprit

So who owns NDTV? Read this enhanced version of the original book to find out how P Chidambaram went after an intrepid Income Tax Commissioner, Sanjay Kumar Srivastava, by foisting fake cases through corrupt IRS officers. Why is PC interested in shielding the Roys? Is it his money in NDTV? Read this book to find out!


A classic case of breaking of the law by Indian Media houses and Press Barons

Why Version 2 of this book?

The first version was released in March 2017 and experienced unprecedented success as it was amongst the first in detailing the cozy relationships that exist between corporates, bureaucrats and politicians in India. It was beyond my expectations (the Kindle version was the second-highest selling self-published book in India in 2017) and since then a lot has happened that needs to be documented.

With more data coming out because of the raids and exposures, the story is more complete in this version. For those who read the first version, you now know how the missing dots are connected. For the first-timer, this is a treasure trove of the unholy nexus that exists between Babus, Businessmen, and Bent (3B) politicians.

NDTV is not an isolated case of the nexus that exists between the 3Bs. This sordid saga of “skullduggery, treachery and venality” which weaves in and out of the “boardrooms to bedrooms” will make your blood boil.