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Who painted my money white? My first work of fiction

You have been wonderfully supportive of my efforts as an author. Now I am releasing my first book …

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NDTV Frauds V2

Also added are the travails of an honest Income Tax Officer, who dared to take on the corrupt …

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Books published thus far…

Who painted my money White is my first book of fiction. The other books are NDTV Frauds V1 …

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The Gist of GSTN

A book that explores the advantages of using Blockchain technology in the Goods and Services Taxes Network to …

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It all began here!

My first book. What a reception! The e-Book rose to #2 in the Self-published category.

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The Rise and Fall of AAP

[pullquote]AAP was an opportunistic hijack of the India Against Corruption movement by Arvind Kejriwal[/pullquote] Here is a blow-by-blow …

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A book that shows the extent to which Bureaucracy and Businesses collude to keep genuine competition out of …

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