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About Sree Iyer -

Welcome to Sree lyer


About Sree Iyer

Author, Inventor, Innovator & Outside-the-box Thinker

From being an engineer turned inventor to an entrepreneur, Sree Iyer has always been on the cutting edge, looking for the next big opportunity. Iyer has 37 patents in the fields of Hardware and Software and continues to track Fintech, Storage and Encryption technologies. Many of his patent-based applications are used extensively – cryptography, encrypted storage, flash card readers to name a few.

More about Sree

Online website

In 2016 he started an online company, with a focus on providing Insights for the Global Indian. PGurus has grown into an independent, fair, and accurate portrayer of India. It has blogs and in-depth articles that primarily cover four aspects of India – Politics, Business, Culture and Investing. Recently, PGurus has also started publishing in Hindi and Tamil, with a view of adding more Indian languages soon.

Areas of Expertise

Sree writes about new technologies such as Blockchain, the future of e-Commerce, financial instruments, Analyzing Money flows across countries, Tax Havens, Black Money and all matters related to Money. Much of the White-Collar crime being committed now is sophisticated, layered and done with a view to obfuscate. These posts try to unravel the complexities of High Finance and tell the story in simple-to-understand words.

Encryption Patent

In November 2006, Iyer applied for a patent that would securely store data on media using Encryption based on a Blockchain protocol. The application was issued in January 2011 (US 7,876,894) and demonstrated a way to encrypt using a Blockchain and store the data on media in real-time.

Titles published

His book Who painted my money white? is an Amazon bestseller, which continues to be in the top-20 for the past 20 months. His latest book, Who painted my State purple? is a fictional story of an election in the United States being hijacked by an adversary, exploiting the fault lines.


Sree Iyer runs a hugely popular Daily Global Insights online hangout program that airs on Weekdays with audiences of over 20,000. His hangouts on Social Media platforms, wherein the live conversations are beamed online on YouTube (over 126,000 subscribers), Facebook (over a million followers), and Twitter (over 60,000 followers) have become extremely popular with several subject matter experts gracing the channel and providing thought leadership.

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