How to succeed as a Micropreneur

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A micropreneur or microbusiness is one that operates on a very small scale, or one with no more than five employees. When you are starting out, you are pretty much everything for the company (CEO to CJO - Chief Janitorial Officer). You have to buy your own stationery, printer cartridges, SD Cards (for the Security Cameras), manage your website, make coffee, spruce up the meeting room, attend to calls... I can go on. The seed capital (your savings) runs out faster than a speeding bullet with a thousand things screaming for your attention and you feel like you are juggling many balls in the air. Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize you tell yourself. As things slip, there is a feeling that you are unable to keep up. But do not despair! You have to address the following four items no matter what business you are in (Health Care to Personal Care, Wall Street to Main Street)...



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In the limited time you have in a day, you have to be able to ensure that you are able to keep your site updated with new content as often as you can, blog about it on social media, have back end setup to handle the traffic your posts on Social media are going to generate, sell your product to your customers, follow up with existing customers on new offerings.... let me take a breath here!

As you start getting traction, you will find an Angel investor or Venture Capitalist (if you can make them believe in your vision) or you will bootstrap your way to grow your business. There are also other viable alternatives such as Micro financing that can help you to grow. There is no fixed formula here - you choose the method that you are most comfortable with.


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