Credit Card Breach at J P Morgan

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J P Morgan Chase finally confirmed that up to 76 million accounts may have been hacked (this site had reported about this a few weeks back). This attack occurred in Summer and FBI was brought in to investigate this and attacks on other banks. Fox Business followed this story today morning, estimating that banks are losing billions due to these hack attacks. While no money seems to have been siphoned, it leads one to believe that perhaps these hackers were doing a dry run for something more devastating in the future.

Coming close on the heels of Home Depot security breach, there is increasing evidence of Russia's involvement. The site rescator[dot]cc, which is where Target's cards surfaced too, lists ZIP codes that are almost identical to the ones found in Home Depot store locations! This makes it harder for Credit Card companies to detect real cards from fake ones as ZIP code is one factor they use to filter a valid vs invalid transaction.

A few days back, Fox news reported that FBI is reportedly looking into hack attacks into J P Morgan Chase and four other US Banks.. Rumours of Russian troops moving into Ukraine combined with this event makes it look like there could be a Russian link between the two events. This angle is allegedly being looked into. Bloomberg also reported on this event, saying that Computer hackers targeted JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) and at least four other banks in a coordinated attack on major financial institutions this month, quoting a U.S. official.

In an unrelated event, Brian Krebs, a noted security blogger has reported that Dairy Queen may be the target of the next Credit card breach.


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